Our group meets for a run at least 2 times a week. Whether or not we meet depends on the weather, of course. If there’s no rain, or snow for that matter, we usually meet Wednesdays evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Locations of our meets change every time, but we rotate between 8 spots around Eccleshill that are our regulars. Sometimes we try out new locations, but we don’t make our locations public, only Eccleshill “Road Runner” members get them in their mail box several days prior to the meeting. If you want to join us make sure that you contact us via the Info page and put in your request to be added to the member newsletter.

We request that all members contact us prior to the actual date of the meeting, so that we know who will show up. If no one managed to come to a meetup, we will postpone it. It has happened on several occasions that no one from the group could attend a meeting. There’s just 12 of us, and most have jobs/families, so it’s no wonder that sometimes we can’t find the time to meetup. As long as you do your regular running routine in your own time, we won’t hold it against you. Hope to see you at our next meetings. Cheerio.