Getting in touch with us and sending a request to join the Eccleshill “Road Runners” is a simple matter of filling out a form down below with the subject “Request to join” and hitting “Submit”. From then on we will contact you with all the necessary details about the membership and when our next meeting will take place. Once again we have to repeat that underage runners who want to join us have to bring a signed permission slip from their parent or legal guardian, otherwise we can’t let you join. Don’t let that discourage you, there’s a couple of youngsters in the club already. We don’t have a set meeting place, it changes all the time and we don’t have an HQ so far, so there’s no physical address for us to give. Anywhoo, fill out ther form down below, like I said, with “Request to join” if you’re looking to join our club and we’ll get back to you shortly. Hope to see you soon.